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Types of diving

Divemaster ready to dive Shark and Yolanda reefs at Rās Muhammad, Sharm el-Sheikh.

Scuba diving is still evolving, but general classifications have grown to describe various diving activities. These classifications include:

Some professional, commercial, and police diving activities are sometimes performed by volunteer divers.

Within recreational diving there are those who are considered professional divers, because they maintain a professional standard of training and skills and may need to carry professional liability insurance.

Some consider technical diving to be a subset of recreational diving, but others separate it out due to the extensively different training equipment and knowledge needed for technical dives.

Public safety diving and military diving may be classified as commercial diving because they make a living from their pursuit of diving; however, public safety divers (police or rescue) and military divers have a different mission from the typical commercial diver. Scientific diving is used by marine scientists (including diving marine biologists and underwater archaeologists), as a tool for collecting their research data.

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